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  • Unlimited Configuration

    Customize your bot to your heart's content by adding unlimited configurations. Run multiple accounts, manage multiple characters, and more.

  • Multiple Bot

    Control multiple games simultaneously using different bots with a single click. Level up characters, manage multiple accounts, and dominate game events effortlessly.

  • Nonstop Looping

    Run tasks and actions in a continuous loop without interruptions. Ensures your bot operates tirelessly, maximizing your progress while you take a break!

Safety first

Your account is safe with us

Everything is ran and stored locally from your own PC or Server. We never touch your account data. 

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Our prouct comes with extensive documentation.   


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Accounts Running


The most popular choice

Easy to use  

NOLIFE Bot has been designed with a clean user interface so you can easily configure your account settings and supervise each character from the configurations list

powerful Automation

NOLIFE Bot allows you to; enable, disable and configure features at your will. 100% customizable settings.      

Priority Support

Join our Discord server to receive blazing fast support from our staff. You can ask any questions you may have in our #question channel and get the help you need.   

Bot Features

Free Auto Update
Run Multiple Bot
Unlimited Configurations
Sequence Options
Nonstop Loop With Customizable Delay
Pause/Resume Loop
Auto Detect Game Path
Auto Use Sensor Class
Skill Cooldown Detection (on/off)
Auto Save Configuration
Total Battle Status
Total Refill/Reset Status
Total Error Status
Skill Sequence
Skill Preset Settings
Attribute Change
Recruit Friend
Recruit NPC
Auto Relog
Daily Claim Rewards
Daily Claim Roulette
Daily Claim Stratch (Ninja Sage)
Daily Claim Wishing Tree (Ninja Legends)
Daily TP
Daily Moyai (Ninja Sage)
Hunting House Boss Option
Customizable Hunting House Reset/Refill
Eudemon Boss Option
Customizable Eudemon Reset/Refill
All Events Bot
All Events Minigame Bot
All Gacha Bot
Gacha Limit Count
Leveling Bot
Leveling Select Mission Level
Leveling Battle Count Setting
Clan War Bot
Quick Or Manual Attack Option
Restore/Refill Option
Battle Delay Setting
Target Auto
Target ID
Recruit Clan Members
Friendship Battle Bot
Freely Choose Any Friend
+ Much More


You won't get more bang for your buck then with NOLIFE Bot!

Ninja Sage

Daily Bot

Ninja Sage

Basic Clan War Bot

Ninja Sage

Premium Clan War Bot

1 Days Subcribtion Rp 10.000
3 Days Subcribtion Rp 10.000
7 Days Subcribtion Rp 20.000
15 Days Subcribtion Rp 40.000
30 Days Subcribtion Rp 70.000 Rp 150.000 Rp 600.000
60 Days Subcribtion Rp 130.000
180 Days Subcribtion Rp 250.000
360 Days Subcribtion Rp 400.000

Do you have questions?

Not sure on us yet?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

You only need to connect your discord account, yes that simple!
At present, we only support any version of Windows from 7+. You also require the .NET Framework 4 which can be downloaded here.
Once you've downloaded our application, simply extract the files from zip file and run the launcher to get started
As soon as the transaction has been authorised through our payment system, your licence will have the respective time added.

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